As Above // So Below

by From Wrath To Ruins

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released May 29, 2017

Mixed and Mastered by Ghostship Recordings
Recorded by Barret Gingerich



all rights reserved


From Wrath To Ruins Greensboro, North Carolina

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Track Name: Memento (feat. Cole Hudson)
I am burdened by the weight of all my woes
for now I come to shed the shackles of this world

Forced awake to see my scars
They are but facades, they betray
With silent, calming whispers, they will agonize the plight
of the existence I have made

I say "deny all the thoughts and premonitions of escape
- avert the false realities that dwell inside my head"
I thirst, burn, for a means to escape, yet my scars still
plead that I will find my
freedom in obedience
They gently reassure me that my world is still in tact.

Pathetic! Pathetic! You're all inside my head
They why does truth deceive and lies are all but real?

Puppet of a presupposed reality
you seek the host of one who lacks in clarity
Coward! You coward! You fiend
I conduct my state of mind
I don't need a parasite to do my job
you filthy fucking leech.

I will burn your skin like a fever
as the poison settles in.
I am the cancer that will rot you
from the inside
Feel it coursing through your bones
you will die broken and alone.

I know why I breathe
I know why I wake each day
I am alive
I know no pain.
Track Name: Desolator
All this suffering needs to fucking end
I just want a place to call home
to make it on my own
The world is not what it used to be
They say it gets better, for I fear things will only get worse
As time passes on, I start to imagine a world— a world without me

Just think of how happy you’d be
There's an evil in my head and it's winning the fight

To the ones that I love, I'm very sorry
You must understand that this is what I want
it's my only way. As time passes by
I reflect upon my life and see no light

Help me, I'm trapped in a bind between life and death

vision slowly fades

eternal darkness is what I seek
Somebody please kill the meek

rid me of this frail mind
This is the end. Please don't shed a tear
I'm finally happy, now just let me be

Track Name: Masochist
They can say
the ways of the flesh
bare credence to devices of the mind
pain is real; as to skin, as to soul
torment wakes inside me; I am kin to one who dies a thousand deaths

For most there is no pleasure without pain
For one who lives in constant pain I say they are the same

No respite, no relief
in every passing second
I will change
for the worst
and bare the name of ruin on my back

The suffering
of fifty lifetimes
weighs upon my shoulders
There is not one hour I am truly alive
For I’m encased in unrestrained decay
My darkest fears
keep clawing at my back

My work is never done;
I keep coming back for more
I am the Masochist

I have become a ruined husk
Before I regain my consciousness
I will transcend into the dark beyond

Please believe me
I am no longer afraid
of what lies beyond
I’ll pretend to suffer the consequences
I’ll pretend it’s just as bad
as it was before
Track Name: So Below
I cannot forgive myself for what I’ve done
I live in constant guilt for I have been so wronged
The only permanent prescription lies
in the chamber of my gun

Their blood stains deeper than the skin;
my soul is permeated by the drops of red
Why could it have not been me?

Take me far from here:
the place I once called home
and lay me down, for my shame is now my crown—
My true home lies with the likeness of the damned

Now (sustained on measure 30)
My fears are realized
Death’s familiar hand outstretched to me
He warns: There is no time to heed;

Beware of what you wish for.

The earth unfurls beneath my feet
I recoil as the face of death contorts into a sneer

Why could none of this just happen for real?
Death has made a mockery of me
my fate is not a toy or anybody’s property

I will stop at nothing
to end my suffering

It’s just a scratch below the eye—
The thought of you that makes me die
All this time my life’s at stake
yet here I’m still the one to hate

I will take you to the grave and lay you in my place

Why waste this spite on me,
when I can end this game right now
I will turn the tables
and I will put you down to rot in hell

I know you’ve seen the demons in my eyes
You're fucking with the keeper of unending burdens.
Show yourself and come into the light
A true coward such as you would only dare to flee

Alright mother fucker it’s time that you came clean with all the bullshit you hide behind your self-righteous walk, the unadulterated lies that you carry above your shoulders, and the hate you monger behind that fork tongued pile of shit you call your face

I will bury you
the fires of hell have no sting like that of mine
The ground will reel in disgust and spit your maggot-ridden corpse back to the vultures and the beasts of the earth

For as it is above, so it is below